The World Fish Migration Platform partnership consist of  WWF (NL), The Nature Conservancy, IUCN SSC/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, LINKit consult, Waterschap AVG, Waterschap HHNK and World Fish Migration Foundation. This global partnership takes care of the central coordination, develops and maintains this website, develops WFMP activities and organizes the communication and publicity worldwide. Our goal is to raise public awareness for free routes for migratory fish and healthy rivers worldwide.


See the about us page to learn more about the steering committee, which is represented by the 7 partnering organisations


The WFMP is supported by various organizations that are actively involved in improving the routes for migratory fish and support the platform activities. Below you will find a list of our supporters and sponsors. We are proud of their contributions and collaborations!

If you would also like to become a supporter, sponsor or would like to get involved/collaborate with us, follow the link below.

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