River Stories: Mekong

Join our latest Webinar in the River Story series about the Mekong. Eric Baran will be talking about the situation in the Mekong and will weigh up likely scenarios. Below is some background:

With more than 800 fish species, the Mekong Basin is home tothe third most biodiverse river in the world for fish. It also features the largest inland fishery worldwide, with at least 2.1 million tonnes of fish caught each year. At least 37% of this biomass is made up by migratory species. The four countries of the Lower Mekong Basin (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) are also characterized by a record contribution of fish to local food security, with 47 to 80% of animal protein intake originating from fish and other aquatic animals. However, this resource is threatened by hydropower development, with the expected construction of two to three new dams each year between 2000 and 2030. These dams will disrupt fish migrations, but also reduce river productivity through loss downstream sediment and nutrients that support the current diverse and abundant food webs.

To hear more about the Mekong River, follow this link to register: http://www.worldfishmigrationplatform.com/webinars/5/fish-migrations-dams-and-food-security-in-the-mekong

Photo copywrites: Eric Baran