WFMP Workshop at Fish Passage 2015

World Fish Migration Platform Workshop

During the Fish Passage 2015 conference in Groningen, The Netherlands, specialists from around the world attended the  the World Fish Migration Platform  workshop, which was hosted by Josh Royte and Jeroen van Herk. There were 26 participants, who all contributed to identifying important focus areas and key activities that would: stimulate networking, create awareness, lead to better knowledge and information exchange etc.

The participants were asked to separate into small groups of 5/6 and to answer the following questions:

  1. What activities should WFMP focus on?
  2. How can we strengthen international networks of fish migration professionals?
  3. What topics should we focus on?
  4. What groups should we connect with?

The feedback report is currently being drawn up and will be sent to interested persons. Some of the ideas that came up include:

  • Connecting with experts and students in areas such as Asia, South America, Africa
  • Connecting people with people and connecting people with resources: use a forum, website, wikipedia, social media
  • Reaching out to hydropower companies/ world banks. Actively approaching people and organisations that play a role in decisions: host meetings, go to conferences, host workshops, get actively involved in these circles
  • Involve and influence policy makers: influence policy development
  • Showcase good, bad and ugly: successes and leason's learnt from projects around the world, innovations
  • Forums: Q&A, connect with retired specialists to help, students, develop expert pannel
  • Connect with public, fishermen: citizen science and monitoring
  • Make complex concepts easy and fun: fun facts, storytelling, videos, film festival, competitions

This is just to name a few. A full report will be available with the detailed outcomes from this workshop. These results will all be considered during the development of the long term plan for the World Fish Migration Platform and World Fish Migration Day. A special thank you goes out to all those who contributed with their ideas and thoughts; this information is of utmost importance and will be considered in future planning.  If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Kerry Brink