Dam Removal Webinar

On March 25 the World Fish Migration Platform hosted its first webinar session. The webinar was well attended. Over 70 attendees from all around the world participated in a session on the topic of dam removal. Dam removal expert Laura Wildman, presented key aspects and lessons learned from her work in the United States. Using some 40 dam removal projects in the U.S. the key deciding factors in dam removal such as; environmental benefits and impacts; channel stability and sedimentation concerns; community apprehensions regarding aesthetic, historic and recreational values; and issues relating to the scale of the project, its current uses, project constructability, funding, impacts to infrastructure, ownership, sensitive species and regulated resources, were explained and discussed. The presentation was followed by a round of questions from the attendees and a discussion moderated by Joshua Royte, working for The Nature Conservancy. The next webinar is scheduled for May 2015.

Click here to view the webinar